Terms and Conditions

Please read the following guidelines and terms of agreement carefully. Your usage of the website Surpluss.in indicates that you have agreed to and accepted the terms and conditions mentioned here.

Surpluss.in caters to customers who are residents of India. So the laws, rules and regulations referred in this document relates to the Indian laws only. In this document Surpluss.in, Surpluss, SURPLUSS.IN or Company is all one and the same entity. Here 'you' or 'user' or 'customer' means the person who is accessing or registering or buying or simply browsing or interacting in any other way with Surpluss.in.

Eligibility of Use

The usage and membership of Surpluss.in are limited to legally existing people who can enter into contracts that are legally binding as per the Indian Contract Act, 1872. You need to be at least 13 years to use the website. Please note that users between 13 years and 18 years need to be supervised by their parents or guardians while they are using Surpluss.in.

While you are using Surpluss.in, it will be your sole responsibility to protect the confidentiality of your access details (User ID and Password). Surpluss.in will be in no way responsible for any compromise of your access details. It will be your sole responsibility to inform Surpluss.in of any violation of your access details. However, Surpluss.in will protect any information or details that you have shared with us in accordance to our Privacy Policy. This paragraph applies to any information that you have voluntarily shared with us as part of your registration, ordering or feedback process and any related information that Surpluss.in has shared with you.

Membership can be terminated and reinstated at the sole discretion of Surpluss.in.

Users (customers and other users) undertake that they will not – defame, spread negative words about, harass, form groups to campaign against, and / or discredit Surpluss.in in any way online or offline. You will also not use the website Surpluss.in or its pages on social media to carry out any activity considered illegal as per Indian laws.

Products, Warranty, Alternates and Pricing

Surpluss.in sells products that are manufactured by reputed brands. The Sourcing Team of Surpluss.in sources products globally and only from pre-selected brands which have high acceptability in the market. Surpluss.in does not manufacture any products it sells. So Surpluss.in can be legally responsible for the quality and functioning of any products that have been bought from Surpluss.in. The post sales service of any products bought from Surpluss.in will be handled through the service network of the brand or manufacturer. Surpluss.in will most certainly support and help the customer to locate the manufacturer's nearest service location or representative.

If not otherwise mentioned, the warranty of the product is given by the original manufacturer. It is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that the manufacturer's warranty is properly enforced. The customer of Surpluss.in will have to directly interact with the manufacturer to obtain any product warranty as applicable.

Surpluss.in makes the best effort to deliver the exact same product that has been ordered by the customer. However, due to high demands in the supply chain and / or non-availability from the manufacturer's side, Surpluss.in may have to ship the closest alternate product to the customer. The pre-sales customer service team of Surpluss.in will make best efforts to contact the customer regarding this. However, while ordering an item from Surpluss.in the customer authorizes Surpluss.in to take the best decision on the customer's behalf. If Surpluss.in concludes that any particular item or its alternate is not available then Surpluss.in will cancel the order placed by the customer.

It is the promise of Surpluss.in to offer the fairest price possible to its customers. However, the pricing of the products are for a particular 'point in time'. The price of any product can be changed anytime without any notice to anyone.

Any decision taken by Surpluss.in regarding the product, its price and / or its alternate will be final and binding on the customer.

Returns and Replacements

The goods that we sell on Surpluss.in are procured in bulk as part of our supply side deals and tie ups. It is always our intention to give maximum flexibility and peace of mind to our valued customers. Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy for details.

Payments and Refunds

You confirm and agree that the credit card or debit card used by you to pay for goods and services at Surpluss.in is legally owned by you or you are legally authorized to use it. You fully understand that even if you have paid through your credit or debit card and the money has been deducted from your account, the final discretion of accepting the payment will be with Surpluss.in. In the event Surpluss.in does not accept the payment from the payment gateway service provider, then you will have to coordinate with the payment gateway service provider to receive your money back. Surpluss.in will provide you with the name and contact of the payment gateway service provider in the event you face any problem. If you do any transactions that you are not legally authorized to undertake then Surpluss.in will take appropriate action as per the provision of the Indian laws. Surpluss.in reserves the right to recover the cost of goods sold (invoice value) in case the goods are delivered and the money becomes uncollectable from the credit card company or the payment gateway service provider. The cost of goods here means the invoice value of the goods sold and any other incidental expenses (collection charges, legal expenses etc) incurred for recovering the money. Surpluss.in will not be liable in any way whatsoever for any fraudulent or declined transactions. The liability of using a card fraudulently solely rests with the user or customer.

In the unlikely event that you as a customer do not receive the goods within the stipulated time mentioned in Surpluss.in, you can claim full refund as your sole and exclusive remedy. However, in case the goods are not delivered due to wrong address given by the customer then the customer cannot claim a refund. Customer should intimate Surpluss.in of any non-delivery within 30 days of placing the order. This intimation should be sent in the form of an email to anytime@surpluss.in. In the event you fail to intimate Surpluss.in within this stipulated time then the transaction will be considered to have been delivered and legally completed and closed. Refunds generally will be in the same manner as the funds have been received. That means for a payment through credit card, the refund credit will go to the same credit card. However, the final method of refund will be at the sole discretion of Surpluss.in. The company at its sole discretion might decide to give refunds in the form of store credits (Surpluss Wallet). These credits can be gift certificates or credit certificates to be used on Surpluss.in or any partner stores (online or offline). Refunds can also be demanded against orders cancelled or returned by customers. Orders can be cancelled within three (3) working days of placing the order. Cancellation after this will be at the sole discretion of Surpluss.in. Please refer to the Shipping and Returns Policy to see how and when you can 'return' products ordered.

This section (Payments and Refunds) also applies to all forms of transactions like (not limited to) – credit card, debit card, net banking, cash on delivery (COD) and any other.

Liability and Disclaimer

It is the constant endeavour of Surpluss.in to make sure that all information, product details etc shared on the website Surpluss.in is transparent, correct and properly updated. However, the Company will not bear any liability arising out of (or in any way directly or indirectly connected to) the usage (or inability to use) of Surpluss.in. This applies to any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive, or any other damages arising out of the usage (or inability of usage) of the services of the Company. This limitation of liability will be exercised to the fullest extent permitted by Indian laws. The total liability of Surpluss.in will be limited to the price of the product paid by you. The website Surpluss.in is offered to the user in an 'as is' condition and without any warranties or guarantees. You must bear all liabilities and risks associated with the usage of the website.


You, the user, undertake to indemnify, defend and / or hold harmless (as applicable) Surpluss.in and its partners, group companies, owners, investors, directors, employees against all losses, damages, claims, liabilities, demands, actions, penalties imposed and / or demanded by any authority or third party arising out of your breach of this agreement and / or any other policies appearing anywhere on Surpluss.in or due to your violation of any rules or regulations or laws or third party rights.


The user certifies that he has read the Privacy Policy of Surpluss.in and agrees and consents to that policy.

Disputes, Arbitration and Jurisdiction

Disputes between the Company and Users can arise in different circumstances. Some common examples are – shipment of an alternate product, missing parts, transit damage, incompatibility of accessories, defects, wrong size or capacity etc. We will always try to settle disputes to the customer's benefit as far as practically possible. Please write to anytime@surpluss.in describing your specific issue and we will find a best fit solution for your problem.

Any unresolved dispute or differences shall be referred to an independent arbitrator who will be appointed by Surpluss.in and his decision shall be final and binding on the parties hereto. The above arbitration shall be in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as amended from time to time. This agreement will be governed by Indian laws and the courts of Delhi will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Abuse and Grievance

Surpluss.in follows a zero tolerance approach for all forms of abuse and threats. Any issues related to abuse and threats and any general grievances should be addressed to (electronically) -anytime@surpluss.in.


Surpluss.in may terminate your access to the website without giving any prior notice and without assigning any reason for doing so. While doing so, Surpluss.in will destroy or withhold any or all contents relating to your prior use or activity on the website. Surpluss.in will in no way carry any liability towards you or any third party for any direct and indirect damages that might arise out of your access denial.

You can also terminate your participation in this contract by sending an electronic communication to anytime@surpluss.in. Irrespective of whoever terminates this contract, you will be liable for any unpaid service or unpaid products that you have ordered from the website.