About Company

Surpluss.in is a unique opportunity to get global brands at your doorstep in India at a fair price. Our company has 10 years of experience in global sourcing. We leverage that strength in India and overseas to bring in high quality products to the Indian consumers. A zero tolerance commitment to quality is one of our corporate philosophies that we practice at every moment in everything we do.


Powering People's Aspirations


To become the 1st choice of customers in the categories we operate.

Why Choose Surpluss

Surpluss is India's number 1 store for Unboxed, Overstock, Surplus and New product Deals

Authentic Branded products backed by Brand's Quality and Warranty

Smartest way to buy your dream product at reduced price with brand assurance

Assistance with a Smile, Always ready to help

Great User Experience – fast checkout, fast delivery, fast response

Our Values


At Surpluss, we strive to build a foundation and practice culture of Integrity. In many ways it means being bold. It means making difficult choices. And it means giving our employees and partners the confidence to conduct with integrity without being fearful of the consequences. So we are building a common body, which is ethically unyielding and remains responsible for its words and actions.

Building Trust

An internal atmosphere of Trust ultimately leads to Customers' Trust – that is our belief at Surpluss. One way we build this Trust is by giving our employees proper empowerment to handle business and make them accountable for their actions. As an organization, we strive to earn Trust by keeping an open minded approach.


When we at Surpluss go off the beaten track, we are equally fearless and responsible. Meaningful Innovation helps us to simplify things and enables us to do more with less. We believe that this creativity enables us to do the same things better than most organizations.

Power of Passion

Passion is powerful. It helps us at Surpluss to keep moving forward with determination. Passion for us is not indiscriminate. It is a positive energy that makes us reasonably optimistic. At Surpluss we realize that Passion is not demanded but inspired. All our core values come together to make us Passionate.


As we journey from a medium enterprise to a larger enterprise, we at Surpluss look at Humility as an important guiding principle. We try to seek learning in both success and failure. We are respectful for others' opinions and embrace change with honesty and openness.

Team Spirit

Simply speaking, Team Spirit for us is family spirit. Team Spirit at Surpluss provides velocity (speed with direction). Team Spirit breeds participative leadership at Surpluss where performance is the outcome of collective co-operation. Team Spirit at Surpluss is built on the foundation of trust and nurtured through informal interactions.

Being Excellent

We not only believe in excellent results but also Excellent (joyful and rewarding) journeys. We believe that the sum total of the excellence of our works, processes, innovations, and intellectual capital equals the excellent outcomes for us at Surpluss. This powers us to think big and keep moving forward with confidence.

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